One of my favourite YouTube videos to watch is def. What’s in my bag so today I am sharing with you what I always need to have with me.
First thing is first – my iPhone. I can’t imagine leaving my house without it,  I am just so used to it and probably bit obsessed as well (like we all are these days:)
Next super basic is my card holder/wallet with all my documents.

And then to the random things I must have:
Lip balm, always! My lips can get dry super fast so I don’t even count how many lip balms I have, but at least one is always there when I need it.

Chewing gums, I am obsessed with chewing gums and I cannot go a day without it.
Sunnies, since sunny weather is coming (and I am super happy about that) I also have at least one pair of sunnies with me – if my daily bag is bigger than I will have two pairs, just in case🙂
Hand cream is not always there but if I remember I like to have it.

And last but not least – notebook/calendar. I am pretty organized person and I like to write everything down, from ideas to schedule and I prefer that than calendar and notebook on my phone. At home I have my big planner where I plan my whole week usually on Sundays and I usually leave it at home and I have this smaller one with me.
I will also share with you my main planner and planning routine but that will be separate blog post since there is a lot to talk about when it comes to planning and decorating:)





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