Sporty outerwear – you’ve probably noticed this trend everywhere, from catwalk to high street shops and the key piece to have right now is the puffy jacket.
Well, the fact is that the whole fashion trend for winter 2016/17 is all about the mountain obsession, from puffy jackets to quilted boots – in my case, big thumbs up for that. I love street fashion and I only follow trends that suit my personal style and I will never wear something that don’t blend with my style. Fashion is what you buy but style is what you do with it so blind trend-following is not the key to perfect outfit, it’s the self-confidence while you wear something.

Now back to today’s focus – puffy jackets. You can wear this item in so many ways with dressed up or down looks as you can see it in today’s style collage.
I’ve found the perfect puffy jacket in Zara the other day and I can’t wait to share my outfit photos.

Also, I have a couple of reasons why my latest post was almost one month ago and one of them are technical problems with my website but now it’s finally working the way it should so I can write and share blog posts again:)




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