It’s been a while since my last post and I am finally back on track.
I don’t like excuses so I won’t do it but it sure was busy month for me and as you may know till now I do prefer quality over quantity so without good content and photos I prefer to post nothing but then again you guys probably would rather see that I am consistent and core that much if photos are super professional or not . I think the best option when it comes to my photographer is to convince my man to do it for me and be my ”Instagram husband” even though he is not into that :)))

Until I have some decent outfit photos I wanted to share with you the trend I’ve seen a lot lately and actually really like it also  – black and white dresses.
The dresses I picked for today’s collage are from very trendy and most of all affordable website and they really have so many cute clothes that is hard to leave the shop with only one item in your bag – believe me:) I will leave the direct links to dresses bellow and I highly recommend browsing through others categories as well.

Talk to you soon,

Links: dress one, dress two, dress three, dress four



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