Tanning Days

BY 15 July 2018 Places, Style

Quote “When my tan is on point, my life is on point” is totally describing me:) I just think that every outfit looks better and cuter when I am tanned and I feel myself more when I am not as pale as in winter time. But since I also understand and know the costs of the sun I do make sure not to spend too much time tanning and while I am doing it I use sunscreen with SPF at least 30.

Also, this year’s high leg swimwear trend is so my style and it get’s big thumbs up from me. Love how it looks on my body since I am more petite kind of girl and it makes my legs look longer:)

What do you guys think of this trend?
Hugs xx

Wearing: Stradivarius swimwear



Summer Look

by 19 July 2018 Style

Polka Dots

by 10 July 2018 Places, Style

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