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I have to admit that it feels so surreal that I am writing blog post again after couple of months.

It was never my plan to stop blogging but I kind of lost my motivation for doing it because I focused all my energy into the new job and since I pretty much worked non stop I place my blog aside and plan to do it on the weekends but then again I needed some days off to recharge my batteries and free my mind. The main thing and probably the biggest one is also still being without decent photographer to work with so I am still kind of lost when it comes to that topic but I hope I will find one so I can soon be back with regular posts.

Today I just wanted to say Hi and update you guys with what is going on lately. I still have so many plans and ideas for my page and I really hope I will be able to make them happen asap.

Bellow are some mixed pics I took this summer, mostly from my Instagram account, and the featured photo is probably my favourite memory from this summer – kayaking in Italy and staring at the mountains:)

This year I went to Montenegro with the family and even though I have been there couple of times it always feels so good to go back.

It was my first time in Venice and I was amazed by all the cute canals. This city truly is so special!

Just a regular summer day in Ljubljana wearing not so typical outfit:)

I also went to the PunkRockHoliday festival which I visit every year but this year I truly have best time ever. Great company, good music, amazing place and lots of laughs – you know I am all about that positive energy:)))




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