One of the most unreal scenery for me is when the snow and sun combine – amazing views and vibes.
That is also probably the main reason I love winter. Since I don’t ski (yet) I love to have long walks and spend my day outside when it’s sunny and snowy – the best way to fresh your mind and soul and do something for your body as well. I used to dislike winter time because I was always cold because if I am honest I didn’t put any afford to put on warm clothes even though they are not the most trendy piece out there but now as I am getting older I don’t care about that as much as I used to. Now, I always grab clothes that will keep me warm and I rather focus on the feelings I get when I am outside even when it’s cold:)

These photos are from last weekend and you can see what I am talking about – nature truly is so amazing! We are expecting new snow tomorrow so I guess I will spend my weekend on the snow again.




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