Hello peeps, I am back with another summer outfit.
Even though I have to admit that I would rather share travel photos from my new destination or write this post from Maldives for example, haha. I would love to travel the world all the time, I believe we all would love that. Thanks to Insta people who are traveling all the time at least I have inspiration level on 100% everyday:)

Ok, enough daydreaming let’s get back to this look. You know I love basics and I think that street style is all about mix & match and that is why I am so into it. It is so much fun to play with clothes and different combinations! There is so many ways you can wear one item – don’t be boring and wear it the same way all the time. This skirt is so old I can’t even remember how many year and I came across it and put together this look which is perfect for summer time. I always love to add an outerwear to my looks it just add more stylish vibes to the outfit. Silk bomber jackets are huge trend right now and they are very light so you can wear them on warm days as well. This is my go – to summer choice lately and I feel so good and comfy in it. What do you like to wear on everyday basis in summer time? I would love to know!

Wearing: Tally Wijl skirt, H&M white Tee, Stradivarius jacket & chocker, Zara shoes
Photo: Rok Deželak



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  1. Kiran


    That is a really cute jacket, I love really easy clothes so a T shirt or skater dress are my go-tos, because they are casual and loose so easy to move around in and require little to no effort. Great photos, I wish I could be on holiday all the time too haha xxx



  2. Nataliya


    Absolutely love this look! It’s perfect for transitioning from day to night in the summer too. And I totally agree, humans should always be traveling and exploring!!

    I’m all about slip dresses this summer. NYC has been experiencing a heatwave, so clothes need to be loose and breezy!

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