t’s been a while since my last FashionCafe post and I feel like it’s time to bring it back:)
I love everything related to style and fashion and I am constantly reading about that topic and that is why I created ”FashionCafe” category to share my thought and advises with you guys. I used to do FashionCafe posts every Friday but then I teamed up with a photographer and since then all I wanted to share was my looks, because that is something I like to see the most on other blogs and thought that I should put that on the first place when it comes to my website. But it’s nice to post something different now and then, and I feel like FashionCafe should be back as well as some lifestyle topics so I can post more often, what do you think about that?

Now to the look. This is what I like to wear when it comes to spring and summer time. Basics with some trendy pieces for cherry on top.

You can shop the outfit here:
1. Tank top
2. Denim shorts
3. Outerwear
4. Shoes

If you maybe don’t know SheIn is online shop where you can buy street style items for very affordable price. It’s the perfect place for bloggers since we can’t get enough of clothes and want to buy new ones everyday, haha, but even if you are not a blogger and have the same ”problem” then this place is heaven for you as well! Season basics are items I don’t like to spend lots of money on and http://www.shein.com/ is the perfect place to visit and buy trendy pieces.

Enjoy your Sunday!



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  1. Yiota


    I haven’t purchased anything before from Shein but I purchased lots of things from various ebay sellers that have similar.products like Shein! The jacket is amazing, love the colour! 🙂



  2. Rebecca



    thought Id check your blog out. Seriously love it.
    You have great style and Im definitely inspired to do more fashion posts.

    Ive followed you on bloglovin but do you have a twitter? Would be great to connect with you!

    Rebecca xxx


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