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BY 23 June 2018 Style

It’s Saturday morning, I am eating my breakfast on the balcony and typing a new blog post, such a nice feeling and start of the day.
I have to say that I miss shooting daily outfits so much but right now I can’t promise anything. Having a photographer who is near and free is not so easy to find so hope you guys approve phone photos for now since I really want to share my looks anyway.

I’ve talked about chunky trainers last time and I finally got mine and since then I am living in them. So comfy and super trendy. I knew that they would match my clothes and style but I didn’t imagine it to be so dope – literally obsessed and of course, now I  want them in every color 🙂 I also want to get LV inspired model, it’s super special but sold out so quickly.
One thing that I realized this spring is also how much I am into dresses lately, and I am not sure what is going on since you know me and how I always talked about the fact that I am not a dress kind of girl but more shorts and tomboy stuff? Well, I guess I really am getting older since now all I want to wear are a different kind of dresses, but still with sneakers and flats. Heels are still very occasionally and rare in my case:) I got this dress from Zaful and it’s super cute, it can be dressed up or down, of course, I wore mine with chunky trainers and love how it looks.


Wearing: Zaful dress & PD treiners



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