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”Life isn’t about waiting for storm to pass..It’s about learning to dance in the rain” <3I choose to do some outfit photos although the weather is not so great and they are pretty ok thanks to one of my best friends Ana – she is so good in everything she does and photography is one of them. We first had lunch at her house (yes, she cooks amazing as well) and then went out to take some photos.
I was looking for this kind of jacket for so long and I found it in perfect fit, perfect look. I think it is definitely a must have piece in your closet because you can wear it with everything and anytime, even in summer with shorts. You will see me wear this one a lot:) This pants are pretty old from Zara and I just do some knee cut out and now feels like they are new – love them, my fav. pair of black pants. Good job Zara:) I found it interesting that my name (Natasha) is Russian kind of, originally it was a diminutive form of Natalia and ass I see here on my blog I got a lot of views from Russia, so I want to say hey to all of you:)
Wish you all amazing weekend! Kiss*

Wearing: Zara pant&T-shirt, H&M jacket, Stradivarius sneakers




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