One of my goals for 2o18 is to be more active outside, and so far I am super proud of my outdoor activities. 

Even though my readers were used to different kind of posts and topics here on my blog like outfits and fashion tips I have to say that being active was a part of my lifestyle the whole time but I was training mostly inside like HIIT and TRX workouts, yoga etc. just to stay in shape and take care of my body. I went hiking from time to time but nothing special, just small nature walks near my apartment..well till this year:)

I decided to set the completely new goal in my life and that was to be more active outside and what I am doing so far is hiking and cycling and I am loving it. Cycling probably more, since I got a new bike and I am super into it. So I decided I will also start sharing my activities here on my blog since my theme is not only fashion and PutAllOnMe is more Lifestyle blog and since I am going on a hike or a bike trip almost every week to different locations I think it is totally worth to share it here as well.

So here are a couple of photos from my hike and bike trips with amazing views.
Oh, and I have to mention that this year I also learned how to ski! Still, have to practice to be more confident on the slopes but I am so happy that I am finally able to ski and enjoy the winter time outside more like I used to:)

Hope you will enjoy this category as much as fashion/style one!



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