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BY 29 March 2016 Places

If you know me, you know that I am not a winter/snow person but I am slowly getting used to it!

Photos are from this weekend when my man and his team had promo event for their product called Hillstrike Snowtrike. I am not used to spend the whole day at the ski resort because I don’t ski and I feel uncomfortable because of that and that is the main reason I rather don’t go instead to start somewhere. I had this silly thinking that it’s too late for me to start learning and my BF finally convinced me that I am wrong. I would love to enjoy the snow like everyone else and I am finally leaving my fear behind and do it, slowly but surely:)

Now when you know that I am not skier or snowboarder you can guess how easy to use is actually Hillstrike Snowtrike. It’s kind of the same feeling as skiing and riding a bike at the same time, so fun! They are made for adrenaline junkies and downhill lovers, you can do anything you want with it, from off-road to jumps.
See more photos and info on their website where you can also buy it: http://hillstrike.com/

Let me know which winter activity is your favorite, Skiing or Snowboarding?:)




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  1. Holly & Ivy


    I love the snow! I’ve hardly ever been in my life as I live in Australia so we only get snow up in the mountains, but I’ve been skiing a couple of times and whilst I was scared and totally crap at it I loved it! I prefer tobogganing though.


    • Natasa


      I feel u! Scared and having fun the same time are my feelings when I am at the Ski resorts, I guess we just have to go more often and get used to it:))
      I would love to visit Australia btw, you lucky girl 🙂

    • Natasa


      Haha, I feel u girl. I am starting to discovering my snow style, because it’s hard for me to look good & warm at the same time:)

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