Hellow lovies. Here I am for today’s little update:)
I wanted to post OOTD but I don’t feel photos like I should. I am so picky with everything it sometimes really drives me crazy but I don’t understand those girls who are more ”men kind of” and don’t give a damn about how they look, talk, etc. So I prefer being picky in these case:)
I also wanted to thank you for views and responds for my latest post which was my first in Work it out category and I can’t believe how much you liked it & yes I will do this more often, I promise!:) If anyone missed it, here is the link: http://putitallonme.com/home-workout/

On photos bellow you can also see my little niece who turned out 4 on Friday! Time goes by so fast I remember like it was yesterday when she was born and how small she was and now she is little lady:) You can finally see her and how cute she is ❤ Cake was Frozen ofc. because she is obsessed and you should see how she is singing the whole song and even the choreography is on point, haha.
Wish you all a wonderful week!
xx, Natasa

Wearing: Monday face:)



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