Hi babes! It’s one of those days when even my coffee needs a coffee:)
Just kidding, Mondays are for fresh starts and I actually like them. I am still recovering from my wisdom teeth removal but I am feeling better today and I am so happy to be back in the game.

Do you guys like Mondays or are you one of those people who hates them? I hope you belong to the first group and have your positive pants on everyday.
Let’s start this week the right way with these amazing tips to stay inspired and we all agree that multiple cups of coffee make things a lot easier, right?:)))

1. Plan Your Day
– Every morning make a list of the tasks you want to accomplish that day
– 50/10 rule: work on important task and then take a 10 minute break to refocus
– Avoid multitasking, it’s less productive than doing a single thing at a time
– Stay focused

2. Stay Healthy
– When you wake up every morning drink a glass of  lemon water to start the day fresh
– Don’t skip your breakfast, eat clean and healthy food
– Move and sweat, daily exercise boosts your energy level

3. Focus On What Makes You Happy
– Do what you love & Love what you do
– Express gratitude and be thankful
– Keep learning with reading, browsing and brainstorming
– Make an extra effort to smile and spend your time with the people who are going to lift you higher

Hope you’ll have an amazing week full of positive vibes!


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  1. Denise


    I guess I like Mondays! They are a bit hard after good Sundays, but well, like you said, we should plan our day or week carefully, so that we enjoy it and do things that make us happy! I hope you have a very nice week!

  2. Falasha


    Great post and I do try to keep positive with Mondays but I do break a lot of these productivity rules. I feel like I need to multi-task to keep things interesting.

    xx Falasha

  3. winnie


    I like Mondays so they don’t bother me. It’s just hard getting up in the mornings! Like the checklist and totally agree about having a good breakfast and making a checklist!

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