Since today is the last day of October I wanted to share with you the pieces I am lusting over the most this month.

First thing is first – Gucci bag which is all over the Instagram and I became obsessed with it. I am more into edgy & tomboy kind of style but I like to add some girly accessories to my looks to achieve perfect street style look which is all about mix & match.

Black denim jacket. If you are like me and love denim jackets but since it’s getting pretty cold to wear them there is a solution – winter edition ones with borg lining and collar. So cool & trendy!

These Vans shoes are on my wishlist for a while now but I can’t find my number anywhere, it’s always sold out so I will keep them on the list until I get them.

Rayban round sunnies – another item I want for a while but I am not sure if they will fit me so I want to find them in store to try them first.

Gucci slides <3 If I could I will own them in every colour possible but they are way too expensive. I found similar ones at Zara and I love them so much even though I get weird looks while wearing them – people in my hometown are so basic but luckily I don’t care what other people think:)

Baby pink & camel coat. I want both of them. So many style options but it’s pretty statement piece so I am in doubt to buy one since you can’t wear them over and over again like black coats.

Oversized hoodies – to wear them with over the knee boots. Huge trend and totally my kind of style. This one is from Riri x Puma collection and it’s so on point.

That’s it for today’s lust list. I will do this kind of posts more often from now one just to share the items I love and maybe to give you some ideas for your next shopping:) You can find all the links bellow.

Have a nice day,

Links: One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven 



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