Today’s post is all about finding your personal style.
You can buy fashion but you can’t buy style. Why do you need that ”musthave” piece if you don’t have ideas how you will wear it? Here are my tips that helped me & I hope will help you too, when it comes to figuring out your personal style.

1. Know what works best on your body
– It becomes easier to dress yourself once you know what works best on your figure. You have to accept if something is not for your body type.

– In my case: I love the look with bodycon dress & sneakers and would love to wear that but I am too short for that kind of outfit so I stay away from it.
And in other hand I love how high waisted bottoms make my legs look longer so I am always in a hunt for that.

– Don’t hate your body, just find the clothes that matches your figure perfectly and stick to that.

2. How do you want to feel?
– Pay attention each time you get dressed to what pieces make you feel the best. Than you can find pieces you like the most & start building your wardrobe with that clothes.

– In my case: I feel the best version of myself when I wear black outfits. It doesn’t mean that I hate colorful looks but I prefer black because of the way it makes me feel when I am wearing it.

3. Who do you want to be that day?
– Fashion allows you to feel the way you want about yourself. it’s not about what and who you are wearing but how you feel wearing it.
This one has to do a lot with confidence but the right outfit can make you feel ready to take on the world.

– Example: If you have a job interview coming up or you work at the office you should dress like a powerful business woman! Keep that in mind while shopping for pieces for work. Dress to impress, always.

4. Have Go-To outfits
– I talk about this all the time. You should have some staple looks in your closet that you know you feel great in & don’t have to worry about the days when you don’t know what to wear.

– In my case: I like casual outfits with my personal touch to them. Black jeans & leather jacket is my thing & I can’t get enough of that.

5. Don’t worry about other people’s opinions
– It is so annoying when I hear this. Are you changing your style to fit in to match what other people like? You have to listen to yourself & what you like and start rocking that.
There are many cases when I see a girl wearing something I would never buy but what counts the most is how she is wearing & representing it that makes me admire the look.

You are the one in the outfit so wear what makes you feel & look the best.





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