I received so many requests lately to do my workout routine – so here it is, my first one in this category:)
First let me say that I am not professional exerciser – I am just one of those girls who want to say ”hellow healthy” when I look at my body. Ofc. I want to look good all the time, who doesn’t?!:)))
So I workout every other or even everyday, but when I am not in the mood to do it, I just don’t and it is simple as that, haha. My man is not so happy about my attitude towards exercise. He is workout junkie and everyday starts with morning workout at 6-7 a.m. when I am still in knock out of course :)))
I just have to have my breakfast + green tea first while reading some of my fav. blogs and than after one hour my day can start, this is my routine and it is must do to have happy day:) So when I workout at home it is usually about 11/12 a.m. and I love using NTC app! It is Nike + training club app full of different exercises and it is just perfect for home workouts. From lean to toned, from beginner to pro with countdown and video presentation of every single exercise. So I do NTC most of the time, or I just write down some of my fav. ones and do some program on my own with 10kg sandbag as you can see in photos to add some weight. I also love and use stability ball and TRX – which is one of my fav. ones as well it just work out your whole body if you do it right and abs are on fire almost all the time, auch:)
This is just quick description of what I like to do in regularly basics at home. I also go to fitness couple times a week. One thing I don’t do or like is running and it is another thing my man is ”happy” about, haha. He always tries his best to makes me wanna do it, but nah, I rather do any kind of interval training instead:)
And one more thing I got a lot of questions about is what I do for my butty.. Nothing spacial, all those leg and butt exercises everyone does with lots of squats:) Thanks to my genetics I have round bubble booty so with workout I just toned it up and that’s what you get. It is not Jen Selters but it can be if I work really heard and I have to say that she commented on my insta photo and gived me some thumbs up so I guess she agrees with me:)))

As you may know till now, everything starts in the kitchen. I am really focused on eating clean and healthy most of the time with some ups and downs. In winter I just attack Nutella to much and my abs don’t agree with me so for them to show up you just have to be very careful what and when you eat. Internet is full of fitness and healthy blogs and bobmastic fit girls who are talking about this all the time and thanks to them it is not hard at all to stay focused:)

Wearing: Pull & Bear leggings and top  from Gym wear collection, Nike free run shoes.



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