Let’s talk about my healthy habits today.
I understand that it’s hard to flip from fast & unhealthy food to healthy one but when you force yourself couple of times, believe me it will become your lifestyle fast. (Been there – done that)
Eating healthy it’s not that hard or boring what still a lot of people think. I am not expert for food ornutritious but I sure know what is healthy and good for my body & soul. Internet is full of great articles where you can learn a lot about that topic and start to eat clean & live healthy as possible.

Here are some of my ”diet” tips, even though I don’t like to call it my diet because I am not forcing myself to stay away from something because I am doing that for years.
✘ No bread (I eat whole grain bread from time to time)
✘ No red meat
✘ No fast food & soda
✘ No candy (this one I also break sometimes:)

✓ I drink a lot of water during the day (2L)
✓ I eat raw nuts as a snack or fruits
✓ I love avocado
✓ I eat salads
✓ White meat & fish
✓ I love veggie soups
✓ I eat dark chocolate (75% or more)
✓ I love oatmeal & smoothies
✓ Nuts milk & green tea
I drink coffee sometimes which is not the healthiest choice but I try to balance it with other goodies:) I guess that balance is the most important & we should shock our body from time to time.

This are just few main ”rules” I live by & let’s be clear that I don’t judge nobody – we all should eat what we want as long as we are happy in our body. Even if you are eating ”bad” and you’re active you probably burn those calories right away.




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