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It is all about the hair today.
I will share with you some of my favorite hairstyles and trends right now. I think fall & spring are the perfect time to do something new with your look, because after summer and winter you hair is pretty tired and don’t look so good after all that sun & sea or low temperatures in the winter time.
For me fall & spring are the seasons when I like to change my hair and make it more fresh. Internet is full of inspirations and I already have ideas for spring!:)

My no.1 tip is to cut you hair! I believe that we all have some kind of consequences after summer so you have to cut that away, this is small change but it will look so much better. Long bobs are still IN even though it is kind of ”basic bi*ch” style but I have to admin that I still like it:) For even more trendy look you should go little bit shorter than before and that is what I did last week. (I will show you couple of pictures and inspirations bellow). If you have face for BOB than you should do that, you will be so next level! I love basic BOBs with bangs – this is probably my all time favorite hairstyle but it really has to be done perfectly as Riri’s on the first photo:)
My new hairstyle is inspired by Kylie (not so short though). It is much shorter than it was and it is slightly longer in the front. I wanted to add some pastel color to it as well but I’ll leave that for spring, fall is all about naturals so stick to your current color and fresh that up.

Hope you had a great weekend and that you are full of new energy! I am pretty tired since I was working all day long, but when you love what you I can say that I spend my day best way possible:)))




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