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BY 24 February 2017 Beauty Talk

Since I’ve never used any hair vitamins before I want to share my first experience here on the blog.
My hair in general is pretty straight and I don’t have to use straightener  on daily basis which is a good thing but in other hand I wish I have more volume so I am always in a hunt for hair products that promise to give you more volume and other than that I always want to have healthy and shiny hair and I kinda am that lucky to have good natural base but some extra shine is always welcome so when SweetBearHair contacted me if I want to try their hair vitamins which are made of natural ingredients of course I said yes.

So in general SweetBearHair gives you everything you need to grow the healthiest longest hair possible and all you have to do is take two vitamins per day and wait for the results which is something I still can’t talk much about because I don’t use it for that long but I can tell you that they are pretty delicious and you won’t forget about them for sure – maybe bit too sweet for my taste but as long as they are made of natural ingredients I can’t complain:)

I mean there should be the reason so many girls are using and loving it right now (even the Kardashians!) so I will wait and see what happens in my case.
If you also want to grow healthy and long hair and try it out you can get your order here: 

Happy Friday everyone♥
Photo: Eva Mastnak



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