This post was written on Saturday and I just realized that I forgot to change visibility from private to public.
It’s been a while since I’ve done this kind of post but I will do it more often from now on. I love getting inspired by other bloggers/celebrities or ”regular” people on the street and I want to share it so you can get inspired too.
Are you more Kylie or Kendall kind of girl? Kendall is def. my choice and her style is a lot more like mine basic, tomboy & casual. Well, Kylie has her days when she is more streetstyle and not so dressed up and she can rock basics as well as Kendall. I love her face though, she is totally different person with ”new” lips and the power of makeup:)

Bellow are couple of my favorite Kendall’s looks. I wouldn’t mind having her closet at all:)))

Photo credit: Pinterest



ASOS coat

by 19 November 2015 Style

Mix & Match

by 10 November 2015 Style

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