BY 30 July 2015 Places, Style

This post should go online last week, but I was not feeling so good couple of days, I guess because of travel and food and all that jazz, but here it is finally, mix of photos from best holidays ever!:)
I was thinking to do couple of post from Egypt but I really have no time to do it there, so sorry about that but I just wanted to enjoy the moment. If you follow me on instagram you could see that I posted there almost everyday, which was again more fast and easy way to be in touch – I love instagram for that!
In today’s post you can see mix of photos from Egypt. I hope they show just a little bit how happy I was and how amazing is that place! I dis some things that I never did before – like diving in red sea where you feel like you are swiming in aquarium, with all that colorful fishes and corals. Breathtaking moment! We also went to safari where I was driving quad. Unbelievable feeling when you are driving through desert where you can only see sand and blue sky:)
And thanks to my man who really is my best friend I had time of my life there! He also filmed some scenes of our trip and make short video for my blog so I can show you! It will be up very soon, so stay tuned for that!:)



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