Double Denim

BY 1 June 2016 Style

Wearing denim jacket with denim bottoms has been my go-to outfit lately.
I really like Vintage fashion and I am so happy that trends like this are coming back. They are so easy to style but look really cool.
Excuse my messy hair, it was bit windy and since I am always switching my hair from one side to the other – this is the result, hair all over the place, haha. I really like the vibe of this post though. From the photos to the scene – totally Levi’s style, right? It’s bit cliché to say this but I love what I do so much! From outfits to shooting, from emails to posts – I really like and enjoy every single thing associated to my blog. Of course there is still couple of thing I have to work bit harder and learn bit more such as using my DSLR camera and be able to take decent photos by myself when my photographer is not around (now you know the reason I don’t post on my Instagram every day couple of times) #PickyGirl🙂 But hey, it’s great that I am able to learn something new everyday and that is another reason I love blogging so much – constantly learning and growing. Super fun for sure!


Wearing: Zara skinny jeans & denim jacket, Stradivarius T-shirt, Converse shoes
Photo: Rok Deželak –



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  1. Tijana


    Haha, I’m too picky as well and never really 100% happy with the result :p Buuuut, let me tell you that you don’t have to worry! Your hear is adorable and it’s just perfectly messy. Love the photos, your outfit and especially the confidence that you spread. Great job! 😉


  2. Ella


    Absolutely love this look! Denim must be one of my favorite materials, so you managed to do amazing 🙂 And yes, totally Levi’s vibes, awesome!


  3. Chloe


    LOVE these photos, and love the outfit. Your style serves as such an inspiration for me, and I always love to see the latest outfit you’ve come up with, and am never disappointed.


All Black

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