Good morning guys! Let’s start this day together with a cup of coffee and a little talk.
I have so many post and topics to share and I don’t like it when things don’t go as planned but this time there is nothing to do about it, because my photographer is not feeling good and that is the reason I haven’t been active on my blog as much as I want to. This are the photos of our last meeting when we planned the shooting days and upcoming blog posts but few days after that she got sick so for now all we can do is hope she will get better soon so we can focus on work again 1oo%.

Next thing I want to share with you is that now I am also working part-time in one of my favorite high-street stores – Pull & Bear, and so far I really love it. The reason why I choose to do it is because my blogging schedule is not as crazy & full as I want to (yes, I would like to be busy with it 24/7) but since that is still not the case I wanted to fill my schedule and be creative everyday of the week and in Pull & Bear I do all kind of stuff from new collection to visual merchandising which is something that I always wanted to do and I am having so much fun styling the mannequins!
I love to learn something new daily – that makes me even more creative and motivated to always work harder:)

So for now, I hope that Eva will get well soon so we can share with you all the fun stuff we planned so stay tuned for some interesting upcoming blog posts:)

ps. I will share more photos of this outfit soon.



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