All Black

BY 24 May 2016 Style

Facts about me: I am obsessed with black clothes!

You can’t go wrong with black on black outfits, if you ask me. They look chic but you can also transform them into more street style looks, like I did. Another fact about me is that I am totally TomBoy kind of girl as you can tell and this outfit is super boyish but when I put it together I fall in love and now I want to wear it all the time, haha. Do you guys have the same ”problem”?:))

I am one happy girl today since I have photos to share – It was sunny day on Sunday and we’ve worked all day to create content for my blog so I can be calm for a while now, even though the weather is pretty bad again.

Hope you all are doing well!

Wearing: Zara pants, H&M blazer, Adidas Tshirt, Stradivarius shoes, Tally Weijl hat
Photo: Rok Deželak –



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  1. Denise


    Hope the weather is good again! At least you could take nice pictures, you look gorgeous! I loved the Adidas top and yes, I am such a fan of black outfits! There was a time that I only wore black, head to toe, for nearly a year, but now I like colors!


  2. Alexandra A.


    To be honest I don’t really like this association of classic items and sporty ones,but you really made a great work,I really like your outfit,you’re beautiful!
    Hugs from Alexandra ~ Impavid Blog


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