Online business allows you to work from home and in this case you have to work smarter not harder.
When you have regular job and the boss who gives you daily tasks you don’t have to think too much if we are honest. You do your job and don’t think about it so much when you come home,  which is the opposite if you work for yourself. Ability to work from home is amazing and I am so grateful for this opportunity so today I want to share with you my tips to success while working from home.

1. Have a clear workspace
First thing that is the most important to me. I have to work in silence without distractions so even though a lot of my work is done online and I can even work from my bad there is no way I could do that so that’s why I have home office. My clean & clear working space that motivates me everyday.

This is my focus haven and I automatically know when I step into it, there’s a tackling of to-dos.

2. Separate work + home
Set your work hours even though you work from home & organize your day. Don’t think about dishes, laundry, errands to run during that time. Remind everyone in your house that you are not really home but at work so they don’t bother you either. Also, don’t get confused with coffee talks & friends while working, they should understand that you have your schedule even if you are at home.

3. Dress up
Would you go to your regular job in pajama or sweatpants? I think the answer is no so you should still get up and get dressed. Pajamas equate to lounge, which does not equate to work.
I first do my make up & dress up and then do the work. You will be so much productive, believe me.

4. Have everything in place
Maybe I am too picky & don’t like mess even its creative one but I must have everything in place and on hand. Make sure that things you use daily & need for work are in place so you don’t waste your time for cleaning & finding something you need.

5. Stay organized
You really need to be a master of organizing, scheduling, and managing deadlines as this will allow you to stay on track, and most importantly, make you successful. Get up early and don’t get confused by anything or anyone, first do your job & than take your time for everyone else.

There’s so much flexibility while working from home so take a few minutes to think about how you work best and build a workplace to accommodate those needs. I am still not completely done with my office & want to share it when I will be happy with every detail that is currently missing.
Do you work from home & have any advice? Feel free to share it in the comments:)


Happy Monday!



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    • Natasa


      I am sure it will help you:)
      Working space is the most important thing to me & I feel much more motivated when everything is on point.
      Wish you all the best with your new home 🙂

  1. Jayd Alice


    Fab tips! I always make sure I get ready for my day and make myself presentable even if I’m working from home and noone will see me. It makes me feel so much better and I’ve found I’ve been a lot more productive 🙂 x

    Always, Alice

    • Natasa


      I feel u girl!
      Even though we work from home we should do all the thing we would normally do for ”regular” office life 🙂
      Wish you an amazing & productive week!

    • Natasa


      Right? And I don’t feel responsible if I stay in comfy clothes while working. You have to take it seriously even if you work at home office.

  2. The Sunday Mode


    These are all great tips and so true. Working for yourself has a lot more challenges than I think many people realise. I was always good with organisation and planning and can self motivate. The biggest challenge for me I think is sticking to certain hours. Its very easy too overwork.

    • Natasa


      I totally agree with you about overwork. If you love what you do than you want to do it all the time, which is happening to me as well:)
      But that should be positive thing I guess, hard work pays off 🙂
      Have a nice day!

  3. Jalisa


    This is such a great, helpful post! As tempting as it can be to wear pajamas while working at home, I agree, dressing up will make one feel more productive! Thanks so much for sharing and I hope you’re having a great start to your day so far, girlie!



  4. Arabella


    This is such a great post! Personally I really dislike working from home but sometimes you need to and these tips are great for making that more productive!


  5. Stacey


    These are great tips! I work from home and although I do put on my makeup I’ll admit I’m usually in sweats but there have been days where I do dress up and get a lot more done…I should probably do that more often then!

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