Yes, it’s my Bday and no I am not getting older, I am just increasing in value:)
It was such a nice day today, I’ve planed to go out for dinner with my love but since it was snowing all day we decided to stay at home with the family instead and it was pretty calm & cozy – all I needed! Even though I wouldn’t agree with this couple of years ago when all I wanted to do was party hard, haha I feel old now, but, it’s not about how old you are but how you feel, right?! I am also lucky that I look way younger than I am which is always a good thing!

I am not sure if you can tell but it was SO cold outside when we took this photo and my smile is still super big which means only one thing – we enjoyed the moment anyways and it’s all that matters:)

Wish you all an amazing weekend,

Photo: Eva Mastnak



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